Apple’s big decision, no Apple products will be sold in Russia

Following the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Apple has announced that it will no longer sell any of its products in Russia. Apple has removed Russian news apps RT and Sputnik from its App Store, in addition to ceasing sales of its product in Russia. Apple recently disabled the Apple Pay service in Russia.

Apple received a letter from the Deputy Prime Minister.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, wrote a letter to Apple last week, which he also shared on Twitter. Fedorov wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook, requesting that the company cut off the supply of its products to Fedorov’s Apple Store in Russia.

What did Apple have to say about it?

In response to the deputy prime minister’s letter, Apple stated that Russia’s attack on Ukraine had deeply saddened and concerned it. All those who are being victimised by this violence have the company’s support. We’ve shut down our other services in Russia after banning Apple Pay last week. Apple has announced that it will no longer sell the iPhone and other Apple products in Russia.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia’s exports.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States has banned the export of its goods to Russia. The United States has also imposed a ban on Russian-branded products that are manufactured in the United States. This ban could cost American businesses a lot of money.

Under US trade law, the US has imposed these sanctions. To sell computers, sensors, lasers, navigation equipment, telecommunications, aerospace, and marine equipment to Russia, US companies must now obtain licences. A similar ban was imposed by the US on Huawei, a Chinese company, a few years ago, which caused significant damage to Huawei.

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