NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genius Sports Limited (NYSE:GENI) just signed a deal with a “sports betting company” to “supply official data rights including the Premier League, NFL, CFL, AHL, NASCAR and more”.

This  exciting piece of news has left Mid-American Conference hoops and football fans intrigued to say the least.

“…with Genius delivering NCAA content, as the first and only official data provider for the collegiate sports programme.”

From stadium to sports betting site, Genius Sports’ data will allow sports fans to bet on MAC hoops and football. But can’t they do this already?

image College Football Results

A quick check from this month’s games show that MAC Conference games were displayed as well as every other College Football and Basketball game in the division. What will change after this deal comes into effect? The articles on the topic did not go into further details.

But the NCAA is one of the last remaining sports organizations to not bow to the sports betting frenzy which is consuming the US. So has the NCAA really changed its stance on betting?

image 1
2018 ESPN article re NCAA and sports betting

It would appear not and there are no clues as to a reversal in policy.

We then began looking for other NCAA conferences with the same terms of agreement.

Big 10, no.

Big 12, Pac12, no.

FBS, no.

It would seem MAC really is the first of its kind. Why would the NCAA break its stance just for the MAC? Maybe they didn’t?

What about the MAC Conference – is it worth the hype and the buy in from stock-market listed Genius Sports? This Michigander would hope so, but sadly not. The Mid-American Conference is a small division mostly consisting of Ohio and Michigan teams, in the Great Lakes region. In 2020, The MAC ranked last among the 10 conferences in average paid attendance, at 15,316. Mac East football leaders Buffalo Bulls are nothing to write home about and the 2021 MAC basketball season winner Toledo Rockets were beaten in the NIT by Dayton in the first round.

image 2
2022 Toledo Rockets schedule per Wikipedia

This “deal” is no better than the MAC Conference teams’ Bowl Game record. It is no wonder the articles lack details such as revenue for the MAC Conference and its schools. How about the types of data MAC Conference fans can enjoy? No details given. Colleagues of mine are just as surprised and with no statement from MAC, the fans are left as disappointed as those at an Akron Zips game.

We look forward to more information but there is no news here to speak of. We broke it down, so you don’t have to.

Keep calm and go Spartans!

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
As a journalist, Ritika kadiya has contributed to many online publications including the Huffing Post.

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