Best Free Video Editor software for Windows 10/11

Free Video Editor software

In the last five years, video consumption has increased the most. The main reason for this is the availability of low-cost data and smartphones. Big screen phones with a screen size of 7,000 pixels will be available in the market today for Rs 7,000, allowing you to comfortably watch movies and videos. Instagram reels have attracted a large number of new creators. Many of you will be on the lookout for free video editing software. Today, we’ll go over five free video editing programmes that you can use on your Windows 10 or 11 computer. Let’s see what happens….


The name VideoPad is well-known. VideoPad is simple to use and performs admirably. You can easily edit any of your videos with VideoPad’s basic features. It also allows you to replace the background, allowing you to edit chroma video. There are a lot of audio-video effects in this.


IvsEdits is a powerful video editor for Windows that you can use. IvsEdits also allows you to edit videos in 4K resolution. Simply put, IvsEdits is a free piece of software that allows you to perform professional video editing. With this, there is also a premium plan.

Video Editor VSDC

The VSDC Video Editor is a straightforward video editor. Anyone who has no prior experience with editing will be able to use it with ease. There’s also the option of stabilising the video captured by the drone. It also comes with a number of tools, such as chroma keys and trending filters.


This is also a free video editing tool that you can use on your laptop to do online video editing. You can use this to directly upload and edit videos from Google Drive, Facebook, and YouTube, among other places. In addition, many pre-built templates are available.

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