China is building a ‘rocket’-like hypersonic plane

hypersonic plane: A Chinese company has announced the development of a hypersonic plane capable of flying from Beijing to New York in under an hour. The ‘Rocket with Wings’ aircraft is being designed by the company to fly at an incredible 7000 mph (11265 kmph). It is expected that testing will begin next year. Scientists anticipate that it will be able to fly by 2024. According to a report from, this futuristic plane is being developed by a space transportation company, according to The Sun. By the end of the decade, it is expected to be able to fly from one end to the other. The company has released a video in which the aircraft flying from the rocket wings can be seen in animation. The aircraft separates from the rocket-powered wings after takeoff and heads for its destination, while the wing and booster are returned to the launch pad.

It claims to be an hour from Beijing to New York.

The aircraft lands on its three front legs once it has arrived at its destination. According to the company, it will be able to connect New York and Beijing in just one hour. The company told Chinese media that it is working on a “winged rocket” for high-speed, point-to-point transportation. It will be less expensive than satellite-carrying rockets and faster than traditional planes.

China invested in hypersonic aircraft.

Hypersonic aircraft are a key component of China’s high-tech plans, with the country investing significant funds and resources in the field. Late last year, plans were revealed to build an aircraft capable of transporting ten people anywhere on the planet in under an hour. The proposed 148-foot hypersonic aircraft is larger than the Boeing 737 and has two engines mounted on top of its main body, according to the South China Morning Post.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
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