China US War Taiwan: China J 20 Fighters Begin South China Sea

Taipei/Beijing: In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, China’s dragon has stepped up its efforts to intimidate Taiwan. China has begun patrolling the South China Sea near Taiwan with its most lethal fighter jet, the J-20. This move by China is thought to be raising tensions in a sea area teeming with dangerous weapons. The patrolling of the J-20 in the South China Sea has also been confirmed by China’s state-owned aircraft manufacturer.

The news of J-20’s patrol comes after a close encounter between a US F-35 fighter jet and J-20 in the East China Sea last month. The command and control system of China’s J-20 aircraft impressed US pilots, according to US Pacific Air Force Commander Kenneth Wilsbuch. He believes it is too early to predict how China will use the J-20.

Chinese aircraft will now be able to cruise at supersonic speeds.

The reason for this is that it is still unknown whether China’s fighter jet will have the same air and ground firepower as the American F-35. The J-20 aircraft is powered by Chinese-made engines, according to the Chinese company. It was previously powered by a Russian engine. The J-20 now has more power thanks to this Chinese engine. Chinese military experts believe that with this latest upgrade, Chinese aircraft will be able to perform more acrobatics in the air and will be able to supercruise.

According to Chinese experts, the J-20 is a cross between the F-22 and F-35 fighter jets. This Chinese plane is undetected by radar. As a result, experts warn that if China uses its air force against Taiwan, the balance of power will be seriously disrupted. Not only that, but China will be able to attack Taiwan’s allies, America and Japan, at their military bases.

Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines’ tensions will rise.

This aircraft is of the fifth generation, and no country in the South China Sea flies a more advanced aircraft than China. The air forces of Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines will be left behind by this aircraft. However, it is possible that China will only use it in high-risk areas because flying it is very expensive and there is a risk of being shot down.

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