Dinesh Karthik: Rishabh is doing what Dhoni used to do years ago

Dinesh Karthik, the Indian wicket-keeper batsman, has praised his teammate Wriddhiman Saha. Saha has been a member of India’s Test team for a long time, according to Karthik. He has played the longest format of cricket for the country for many years. Saha, according to Karthik, is one of the best wicketkeepers in the world. Saha will not be part of India’s Test team against Sri Lanka, which begins on March 4. Saha has been dropped from Team India, and there is no chance of him returning in the near future. In addition, he has compared Pant to MS Dhoni.

Saha claimed that after being dropped from the Indian Test team, head coach Rahul Dravid advised him to retire. Following Saha’s statement, there was a lot of discussion, and Dravid stated that he had clarified everything in front of Saha. They didn’t want to lead anyone astray. Pant is India’s first-choice wicketkeeper, and the team is preparing a young wicketkeeper to take his place.

Karthik considers himself to be the best wicketkeeper in the world.

“Credit to Wriddhiman Saha,” Karthik said in an ICC Review video. I believe he has been one of those long-serving servants of Indian cricket. He’s still one of the world’s best wicketkeepers.” He is, in my opinion, the best wicketkeeper on the planet. His feet are behind the wicket, and he has great hands. He’s an excellent wicketkeeper. He has also played some great innings and scored some centuries in international cricket. When India most needed him.”

Saha has a total of 1353 runs in 40 test matches for India. Three centuries and six half-centuries are included. At the same time, he’s claimed 104 wickets from behind the stumps.

Pant, like Dhoni, made the team.

“Just like Dhoni cemented his place in the team at the time,” Karthik continued, “Pant has cemented his place in the Indian team over the years.” Saha was automatically promoted to second wicketkeeper in such a situation. He remained with the group. Pant may have only played a few games, but it’s clear that he’s made a name for himself. As a result, the team is looking for a young wicketkeeper to take his place.

On a long tour, two wicketkeepers are required.

According to Dinesh Karthik, it is necessary to prepare at least one person. So he can keep on keeping even if Pant isn’t around. On long tours, two wicketkeepers are frequently required. As a result, I can see where the team is heading. Karthik empathised with Saha, saying that no cricketer enjoys being told they are no longer in the team. “We all want to play for the country,” he stated. It can be difficult to accept when someone tells you that your time is up in such a situation, but you must understand what the selector, coach, and captain are thinking.”

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