Impact of Ukraine crisis: Twitter is now closed after meta in Russia

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having an impact not only on the people of these two countries, but also on people all over the world. While the stock market plummeted after the news of the war, gold, crude oil, and even wheat prices have risen. This conflict is now affecting social media microblogging websites as well. Russia has blocked Twitter in order to prevent the spread of information after banning Facebook’s meta. Twitter, on the other hand, stated that it is aware of the ban.

Late on Saturday night, Twitter tweeted this information. Twitter stated in a tweet that some people in Russia have been banned from using the service. We are constantly working to improve the efficiency and security of our services. According to Netblocks, an Internet monitoring organisation, heavy throttled connections have been seen in the services of a number of other telecom companies, including MTS, Rostelecom, Beeline, and Megafon.

Russians, on the other hand, continue to use Twitter via a VPN. He is unable to use Twitter for whatever reason. This information was obtained from an American technology news website. Twitter, on the other hand, believes that people should have open and unrestricted access to the Internet. In times of war or crisis, this is critical. This makes it easier for people to communicate with one another, which strengthens their mental fortitude during difficult times.

On the other hand, Facebook’s Meta, which is subject to partial sanctions in Russia as a result of the war, slammed Russia’s move on Saturday. She claimed she was reacting to Facebook’s fact-checking policies and its policy of labelling state-run media accounts. Meta announced that it is prohibiting Russian state media from using its platform to run ads or monetize it anywhere in the world. The extra step was taken in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when the country began to ‘partially restrict’ Facebook access. Earlier this week, several researchers’ Twitter accounts that shared Russia-Ukraine information were unexpectedly blocked.

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