Indian-origin person becomes CEO of American multinational company

Indian-origin FedEx will be led by Raj Subramaniam, who will be the company’s next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Subramaniam’s appointment was announced by FedEx in a statement. He will succeed Frederick W. Smith, the company’s current chairman and CEO. The new appointment will start on June 1st. Smith, on the other hand, will remain as executive chairman of the company.

The company employs 6 lakh people.

Smith expressed his confidence in Subramaniam’s ability to lead FedEx to new heights of success, saying he is pleased to hand over the reins. FedEx was founded by Smith in 1971. It employs over six lakh people all over the world. In contrast, Subramaniam described his appointment as FedEx CEO as a great honour, saying, “In this new role, I will try to take the organisation that Smith has worked hard to make into one of the world’s most prestigious companies.”

In the year 2020, he was elected to the board of directors.

Subramaniam joined the FedEx board of directors in 2020 and will remain a director even after becoming CEO. He was previously the President and Chief Operating Officer of FedEx Corporation.

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