mysterious train disappeared with 104 passengers

The mysterious train that vanished in 1911 was seen in Mexico in the 1840s.

There are many tales to tell about the mysterious train and platforms, but especially the Italian train that vanished with its passengers. In 1911, a Zanetti company vanished into a tunnel on its way to a destination. Then he had no idea. The most intriguing claim is that he travelled back in time using supernatural power.

Before the War

Beginning June 1911. An Italian railway company announced a free ride for a new model of train in June of that year. This involved 6 railway employees and 100 passengers. The train was well-stocked with food and drink, and the passengers were eager to arrive. Meanwhile, the train vanished in a tunnel. The train was never found despite extensive research on him.

The next story came later.

2 passengers out of 106 made it out safely. He was severely mentally ill. The traveler’s life returned to normal after extensive medical and psychological care. But he was reluctant to talk about it. When they reached the tunnel, thick white smoke filled the train, one of them said. Unsettled, people screame Everyone thought a big train accident had occurred.

Aliens’ forces were said to be

Out of all the chaos, two passengers escaped. They had no idea how to get out of the train that had been closed. The tunnel was later sealed off. The train’s mystery grew even deeper after this amazing event. In time travel, the train was said to be captured by a supernatural force. It reached Mexico in the 1840s, according to media reports.

Many years later, a psychiatrist in Mexico said she had treated 104 patients who had all become mentally ill in her hospital. They said they came by train but couldn’t specify which one they took.

Many countries report train sightings.

This train has been claimed to have been seen in Italy, Russia, Germany, and Romania. It was as if the train had vanished every time it was seen.

No evidence found

Also, no evidence of a ghost train has been found so far. Many respected Italian locals were also suddenly removed at that time. Things related to the passengers of the missing train were erased between then and now.

The country is full of such secrets

Our own country’s railway stations are mysterious, as well. For example, the Beguncodor railway station in Purulia, West Bengal, was said to be haunted. It opened in 1960. Santhal queen is said to have opened it.

Where is the haunted station

After 7 years of smooth sailing, mysterious accidents began to occur. Fear grew, and the station was locked as the railway workers refused to work here. For years, no train stopped here. A train passing would be sped up to avoid ghostly attacks. Train bookings were halted here. After hearing the news, Beguncodor was kept in some of the most spooky stations.

After a long hiatus, the Begunkodor station reopened in 2009. Now over ten trains a day stop here, but no one waits at night anymore. The station has been visited by foreign tourists interested in haunted tourism for over 40 years. Also, since the station reopened, no strange activity has been observed in the vicinity.

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