Narendra Modi addresses first physical rally in Punjab’s Jalandhar

On his visit to Jalandhar, Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also met with disappointment. He expressed his disappointment from the rally’s stage this time. The Prime Minister’s statement has now become a point of contention in Punjab politics.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a large election rally in Jalandhar today. Many prominent figures were in attendance, including Punjab Lok Congress President Captain Amarinder Singh. PM Modi slammed the Congress’s Channi government from the podium. During this time, he also described his discomfort. The Punjab Police refused the Prime Minister’s request to visit the Shaktipeeth Mata Tripuramalini in Jalandhar after the rally.

What did Prime Minister Modi have to say?

‘While saluting all the Gurus, I pay homage to the Shaktipeeth Devi Mata Tripuramalini from the land of Jalandhar,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. My wish for today was to bow down at the feet of Devi ji after the program. Take Goddess ji’s blessings, but the administration and police in this town raised their hands. We won’t be able to make arrangements, he said. You fly out in a helicopter.

The Prime Minister did not leave it at that. He went on to say that the Punjab government was to blame for this. ‘Now this is the state of the government here,’ he said. But I will undoubtedly return to my mother. I’ll ask for blessings by bowing my head at the mother’s feet. Due to a security breach, the tour had to be canceled.

The Prime Minister had previously visited Punjab on January 5, but had to return to Delhi midway due to a security lapse. Then, in the morning, Prime Minister Modi drove from Bathinda airport to Ferozepur. Meanwhile, some protesters had blocked PM Modi’s convoy in the middle of its journey. For about 20 minutes, the Prime Minister was stuck on a flyover in the Red Zone. He had to return without attending the program later.

When Channi was denied permission, he went after the BJP.

Before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, a new controversy erupted. In fact, due to the Prime Minister’s visit, Chief Minister Charanjit Channi was unable to attend Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Hoshiarpur. Channi’s helicopter was not permitted to take to the air. Due to the Prime Minister’s security, no Flying Zone has been declared in Punjab. On the other hand, Channi stated in response to the entire controversy that his helicopter was not allowed to fly due to political reasons. He believes that refusing to let go for the sake of campaigning is unethical. According to Channi, I arrived in Una at 11 a.m. but was denied permission to fly to Hoshiarpur after a no-fly zone was declared due to PM Modi’s visit. In Hoshiarpur, I was unable to attend Rahul Gandhi’s rally. I was given permission to land.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
As a journalist, Ritika kadiya has contributed to many online publications including the Huffing Post.

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