On the coronation of Prince Charles, his wife will get the status of Queen

On Saturday, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth announced that if Prince Charles became king, her wife Camilla would be given the title of Queen. Camilla will wear the same priceless crown, which is encrusted with the Kohinoor diamond and has been worn by Queen Elizabeth since her coronation. This crown, made of platinum and Kohinoor diamonds, was made for King George’s coronation in 1937.

Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall and the second wife of Prince Charles, the Queen’s son. Prince Charles married Camilla after Princess Diana died. According to the previous plan to make Prince Charles King, Camilla’s title would remain Princess, but five years ago, Prince Charles asked Queen Elizabeth for permission to refer to Camilla as a queen rather than a princess in his coronation oath. Queen Elizabeth gave her approval as well.

Queen Elizabeth wears a royal crown encrusted with Kohinoor diamonds.

The Kohinoor diamond has a fascinating history.

The history of Kohinoor is largely based on speculation. The Sikh king Ranjit is said to have given it to the British, but historians claim that Ranjit Singh died before the diamond reached the British. This was not a gift from him.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh is also said to have gotten this diamond by force. It was given to them as a gift, as the British say. Similarly, Ranjit claimed that the diamond was given to him by Afghanistan’s Emir, Shah Shuja Durrani.

In his autobiography, Shah Shuja claimed that Ranjit Singh was torturing his son and that he was forced to hand over the diamond to him. This diamond was previously taken from King Nadir Shah of Persia by Afghan attacker Ahmed Shah Abdali.

Similarly, Mughal King Muhammad Shah Rangeela gave Nadir Shah the Kohinoor. That is, this diamond has a long history in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. For several years, the Kohinoor diamond has been the subject of debate. Pakistan, in addition to India, has expressed its right to do so.

There is a legend surrounding the Kohinoor diamond that it brings bad luck.

There are many legends surrounding this diamond.

Kohinoor is also the subject of many myths. This diamond is said to bring bad luck with it. Everything is ruined if a man wears it. Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s empire was destroyed when he wore it. The British Empire continued to dwindle after reaching this diamond in the British rule that never set.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
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