Playfit launches two smartwatches simultaneously

The Playfit Dial and Playfit XL are two new smartwatches from Playfit, a domestic company. Playfit Dial will also support Bluetooth calling among these features. It is claimed that you will be able to answer any call even if the phone is not connected thanks to its calling feature. Both the Playfit Dial and Playfit XL have dust and water resistance ratings of IP67 and IP68, respectively. In both, there are numerous sports modes.

Playfit Dial and Playfit XL prices

The price of the Playfit Dial has been kept at Rs 3,999, and it is available in Gold. At the same time, the Playfit XL is available in Steel Gray for Rs 2,999. Flipkart, Amazon, and the company’s website are all selling the watches.

Playfit Dial and Playfit XL specifications

The square dial is found on both the Playfit Dial and the Playfit XL. Both have a 1.75-inch IPS display with a 240×280-pixel resolution. Both screens have been designed to work with touch. The screen, on the other hand, is said to be visible from every angle, even in direct sunlight.

Both of these Playfit smartwatches have navigation buttons on the side. The app also comes with a variety of watch faces. You will receive all incoming call, message, and social media notifications on the Playfit Dial and Playfit XL. You’ll be able to control the phone’s camera and music with the watch.

Playfit Dial is compatible with Bluetooth v5 and has an IP67 rating for water resistance. The Playfit XL is waterproof to IP68. Both the Playfit Dial and Playfit XL watches will have features like heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring.

The Playfit Dial also comes with a blood oxygen tracking sensor called SpO2, which is not included in the Playfit XL. The Playfit Dial has a 210mAh battery with a five-day battery backup, while the Playfit XL has a 15-day battery backup.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
As a journalist, Ritika kadiya has contributed to many online publications including the Huffing Post.

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