PM Modi talks to Putin for 50 minutes

Live coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict: The war between Russia and Ukraine is now in its 12th day. Russia has intensified its attacks in many Ukrainian cities on the 12th day. Kharkiv’s residential areas have also been targeted. Meanwhile, both countries’ delegations will meet for the third time today. During previous discussions, a safe corridor was agreed upon. A cease-fire can be discussed during today’s talks. Before the talks, Russia declared a ceasefire in four Ukrainian cities.

PM Modi has a 50-minute conversation with Putin.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a 50-minute conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders talked about the situation in Ukraine. Instead of delegation, PM Modi emphasised direct talks between Putin and Ukrainian President Zelensky. Simultaneously, expressed gratitude for the announcement of a cease-fire and humanitarian corridors in various parts of Ukraine, including Sumy.

The International Court of Justice has begun hearings.

The International Court of Justice has begun hearings on Russia’s attack on Ukraine. At the same time, China has offered to mediate in order to bring the Ukraine-Russia conflict to an end.


Indian doctors are adamant about not leaving Ukraine without their leopard and jaguar pets.

Girikumar Patil, an Indian doctor stranded in Ukraine’s Donbass, is adamant about keeping his pet jaguar and leopard. He stated that I had contacted the embassy, but that no response had been received. Despite the fact that my house is surrounded by Russians, I am doing my best. I care for these animals as if they were my children. Jaguar Kumar is another name for Girikumar.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
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