Polo Forest You Need to Know About Polo Forest

How to Get
The Polo Forest is easily accessible by road. The nearest towns are Ahmedabad (160 km) and Udaipur (120 km). Idar is also accessible by bus and private autos & jeeps.

Polo Forest – Near Ahmedabad Green Forest

Polo Forest is a 400 square kilometre forest near Abhapur village in Vijay Nagar taluka of Gujarat. This is a popular weekend destination near Ahmedabad, only 150km away. You can also plan a day trip from Ahmedabad to Polo Forest.

Many emails ask about polo forest entry fees and permission. You don’t need permission or fees to visit this place; you can go there with your family, friends, or even your child. The people of Abhapur are friendly and humble. They speak Gujarati and Hindi.

Visit Polo Forest

The Harnav River flows through Polo Forest, surrounded by beautiful hills. You can also visit nearby Harnav Dam, Shiv Temple, Jain Temple, and other heritage sites. You can hire a guide and go trekking in the polo forest mountains if you have a day. Tourists are exploring many trekking routes. Hire a guide before going on a polo forest mountain trek. It takes 4–5 hours.

Shakti temple

The Shiv Shakti Temple (Sun Temple) It is a famous architectural piece in the polo forest. The temple dates from the 15th century. The temple is in ruins, but its three-dimensional figurines are rare in this period. Another unique feature of this temple is Nandi’s elevated position above Lord Shiva.

Dam Vanaj

Vanaj Dam is a popular tourist destination in Sabarkantha. Villages near Vanaj Dam and Polo Forest are unspoiled by modern conveniences. The raw lifestyles in a natural environment are something you can’t get in a city or town nowadays.

A Day at Polo Forest

Polo Forest Rappel

Rappelling and Rock Climbing are two popular Adventure Activities near Polo Forest. As you climb up, down, and across rocks, you are also testing your physical and mental abilities. Discover the joy of climbing while visiting amazing natural rock formations in Gujarat.

Polo Forest Chimney/Caving

Chimney climbing is another popular sport and adventure activity in the polo forest. The forest is a popular eco-tourist destination near Ahmedabad. The area is rich in natural resources, historical sites, dams, rivers, and mountain ranges.

Polo Forest Trekking

Polo Forest is a perfect place for tourists to enjoy Hiking & Trekking Camp in the lap of Nature. Jungle trek is always a favourite. This Polo Forest is a great place to go for a nature walk. A great place for a day hike and picnic!

Polo Forest Tours

Polo Forest is a stunning natural and scenic destination in Gujarat. The forest has many things to see and do. In Polo Forest, you can see the remains of Jain and Hindu temples built in the 16th century. During the monsoon, the temples are stunning.

Polo Park Campfire

Polo Forest is renowned for its beauty. This lush green hilly forest can entice anyone. An area is great for camping and adventure sports like bouldering and rappelling. It is one of the best Hiking & Trekking Camps.


A night in Polo Forest is limited. Staying at the Gujarat State Forest Department’s Polo campsite is one of the best and cheapest options. To stay at Polo Campsite, you must make a reservation with the Himmatnagar Forest Department. Send them emails with dates, numbers, and room types (AC or Non AC). They will confirm your reservation at the Polo campsite based on availability.

Depending on the season, 2-3 private hotels offer accommodation from 2500 to 4000 per night.


Food options are limited and you must rely on Dhabas. There is a kitchen on site, but it is only for guests. If you are planning a day picnic, bring food and water from home.

Polo Fest

Every year, the Gujarat government organises well-planned travel events including adventure activities, cycling, camping, and more. The polo forest has a polo camp city where you can stay and enjoy the polo utsav.

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