Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: Energy has a deep connection with sustainable development

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a post-budget webinar on the topic of “Energy for Sustainable Development.” During his speech, he stated that energy and sustainable development are inextricably linked. PM Modi also emphasized the development of a new concept of solar tree in homes.

Seeing Objectives as Possibilities

PM Modi stated during his speech that energy and sustainable development are inspired by our ancient traditions and are the way to meet future needs and aspirations. India has a clear understanding that only sustainable energy can lead to long-term development. He stated, “I do not see the goals that India has set for itself as a challenge, but as an opportunity.” For the past few years, India has been operating under this vision, which has now been formalized at the policy level in this budget.

The house’s identity will be the solar tree.

Prime Minister Modi stated during his speech that “in Glasgow, we promised to reach Net Zero by 2070.” In Cop-26, I mentioned Life Mission as a way to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Meanwhile, he stated that we can create a new concept of a solar tree for every family to place in their garden or balcony, and that this solar tree can help with 10 to 20% of the house’s electricity. It will also become the house’s identity that the house with the solar tree belongs to environmentally conscious citizens.

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