Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Relief to thousands of Indians trapped in Kiev

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, in a major decision, lifted restrictions on the number of flights and seats between India and Ukraine under the air bubble agreement on Thursday. Following that, any number of scheduled and charter flights can be operated. According to the information provided by the ministry, it is coordinating with the Ministry of External Affairs.

The number of flights should be increased, according to the instructions.

The ministry has decided to lift restrictions on the number of flights and seats available between India and Ukraine in order to make it easier for students and professionals stranded in Ukraine’s crisis to be evacuated. According to a statement, Indian airlines have been asked to increase the number of flights because demand has increased as a result of Russia’s move to Ukraine. India has requested that its citizens in Ukraine leave the country, but there are no flights available until February 20.

Both countries have reached an agreement on air bubbles.

India and Ukraine have an air bubble agreement that allows each country to operate a certain number of flights per week. The agreement was forced upon them by the pandemic, which forced international travel to be halted. However, with thousands of Indians stranded in Ukraine, the ministry has decided to lift the previous restriction. As a result, airlines are free to operate any number of flights. Chartered flights between India and Ukraine are also possible.

The big announcement from Air India

Significantly, about 20,000 Indian students studying in Kiev are stranded due to fears of escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. These students are constantly pleading with the federal government for assistance. The government lifted the restrictions on flights on Thursday as a result of this. Let us also mention that, following the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s decision, Air India announced that it would begin operating special flights to Ukraine.

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