Russia-Ukraine dispute: India said, those who do not need to stay, they should return

The prospect of Russia’s strike on Ukraine continues to escalate. While the US and European countries had already given advisory to diplomats and people to leave the country, now India has also asked its students and citizens to evacuate Ukraine under the escalating crisis of war.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine’s capital Kiev said in an advise published on Sunday that due to rising tension in Ukraine, Indian people who do not need to stay and all students should prepare to return temporarily. Indian students are recommended to contact their contractors for charter flights.

How is the situation between Russia and Ukraine?

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has reached a very serious level. In truth, the Ukrainian military has stated that two of its soldiers were killed and four were injured in shelling by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine on Saturday. After this action by Russia, the danger of war between the two countries is increasing.

According to experts, while violence is predicted to erupt this week, it might be the trigger for Russian military involvement. The Ukrainian military claimed on its Facebook page that it has registered 70 ceasefire violations by Russian rebels since the beginning of the day, compared to 66 in the past 24 hours.

Ukraine has accused

Following the event, a spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s party published a statement on Saturday, stating that a group of military officials, politicians and international media who visited the fighting zone after the onslaught by Russian rebels came under fire. came and had to be removed to a shelter. The official said Russian insurgents were constantly breaking the truce.

Russian militants blame Ukraine itself

In contrast, Russian separatist officials published a message on the social media network Telegram, blaming Ukraine itself. The statement added that Ukraine had already opened fire in separatist-controlled territories, thus this attack will be given a befitting reply.

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