The Batman: Romance Between Bat and Catwoman New Posters

Although the release of the upcoming DC film The Batman is still a ways off, Warner Bros.’ marketing and promotion machinery is in high gear. And it’s no surprise, given that the Caped Crusader is still one of the most lucrative comic-book characters.

Two new movie posters have been released. One shows Robert Pattinson’s cowled and masked face up close. Catwoman, starring Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, is the other.

The posters were shared on Warner Bros. and DC’s social media accounts. WB India also shared them, along with the film’s title in Indian languages.

The Batman trailers tease a romance between Batman and Catwoman, which is a major plot point in comic books. Catwoman is usually a character who straddles the line between good and evil, rather than being an outright villain or hero. She fights crime and aids people as well, but unlike Batman, she does not follow a strict code of not killing people.

Both Pattinson and Kravtiz have demonstrated their acting abilities in the past, and we are excited to see them in the film together.

Batman is still a young superhero in the film, struggling with his rage. In Riddler (Paul Dano), he faces a sinister new foe, not the colourful, clownish villain you’re used to, but a serial killer based on the real-life Zodiac killer. The Dark Knight is also pitted against the Penguin and Carmine Falcone.

Matt Reeves, the director, has promised a “emotional” and “radically different” Batman film than anything we’ve seen before. He also stated that The Batman will be based on Frank Miller’s iconic 1987 comic series Batman: Year One. Year One is widely regarded as Batman’s definitive origin storey.

We also know that the film will focus on the superhero’s detective abilities more than any previous live-action film. A veritable army of big-name actors appears in the film. Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Penguin, Riddler, and Carmine Falcone are played by Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, and John Turturro, respectively, in The Batman.

The screenplay was co-written by Reeves and Peter Craig.

The Batman has already spawned a live-action spinoff series that will focus on Reeves’ Gotham City Police Department. It will premiere on HBO Max and will take place during Batman’s first year of crime-fighting, though it is unclear whether Pattinson or other actors from the film will appear.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
As a journalist, Ritika kadiya has contributed to many online publications including the Huffing Post.

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