The Kashmir Files: Vivek Agnihotri said “Don’t answer what fools say”

Since the release of the film ‘The Kashmir Files,’ about the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, director Vivek Agnihotri has been in the spotlight. Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, recently made a controversial statement opposing making ‘The Kashmir Files’ tax-free in the capital. “BJP MLAs demanding a tax-free screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ in Delhi should upload the film to YouTube,” the CM said. Everyone will be able to watch the movie for free as a result of this.” Following the Chief Minister’s statement, director Vivek Agnihotri and actor Anupam Kher have expressed their views.

According to ANI, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ recently attended the Chitra Bharati Film Festival at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication in Bhopal, where he held a press conference and interacted with the media. “Many people also want God to come to earth,” Agnihotri said in response to Delhi CM’s recent controversial remarks.

“All three categories of fools, madmen, and idiots should be avoided, and they should not be answered,” he added.

Anupam Kher, who played the lead role in the film, had previously responded to the Chief Minister’s remarks. “Now friends, go watch ‘The Kashmir Files’ in the cinema hall itself,” he tweeted. After 32 years, you have witnessed the suffering of Kashmiri Hindus. Recognize the heinous acts committed against them. Show them that you care about them. Those who mock it, however, should be made to feel your power.

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