Ukraine crisis: Russia trusts India, expressed hope of support during voting in UNSC

In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, Russia has expressed yet again its desire for Indian assistance. On Friday, Russia stated that it expects India’s support when the United Nations Security Council votes on a critical resolution on Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. India, according to Russian diplomat Roman Babushkin, has a thorough understanding of the factors that led to the current situation in Ukraine. Moscow looks forward to New Delhi’s continued support, as well as the two countries’ Special Strategic Partnership. The United Nations Security Council will vote on a draught resolution on Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and the changing situation in the Eastern European country on Friday evening.

According to Russia, India’s deep understanding is valued.

We greatly appreciate India’s deep understanding of the current situation and the reasons for it, according to Babushkin. We anticipate India’s support for Russia at the United Nations Security Council. A draught resolution to strongly condemn Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, which has enraged Western powers, is nearing completion. The Russian diplomat praised India’s position and referred to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s remarks in Paris three days ago that the current situation in Ukraine is rooted in post-Soviet politics and NATO expansion.

India’s stance has been well-balanced.

India’s position, according to Babushkin, has been very balanced and independent. We appreciate this and look forward to India’s continued support in our privileged strategic partnership. When asked about India’s position on the draught UN Security Council resolution on the Ukraine crisis at a press conference on Thursday, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said India had seen it and would comment on the final form of the draught. It is dependent. According to the Foreign Secretary, “I’ve been told there will be a lot of changes in this.”

India and Russia are in constant contact.

According to the Russian diplomat, Russia is in constant contact with India regarding new developments in Ukraine. He stated that we are in constant contact with India and that it has a thorough understanding of the situation. In the midst of the evolving situation in Ukraine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke by phone with President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, calling for an end to the violence and a concerted effort from all parties to return to the path of diplomatic dialogue.

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