Russia: Putin refuses to stop attacks

‘We must prevent the situation from deteriorating.’
The French president confirmed that he spoke with Putin on the phone on Thursday and pledged to keep in touch so that no more humanitarian disasters occur. ‘We must prevent the situation from worsening,’ he wrote in his post.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that the Russian special operations in Ukraine would achieve their objectives no matter what it took. According to a report by RT, the Kremlin issued a statement emphasising that the special military operation’s tasks will be completed at all costs. In the context of talks with representatives from Ukraine, Putin also detailed the fundamental approach and terms.

Putin also spoke about humanitarian concerns.

In a telephonic conversation with Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained the importance of neo-Nazis in Kyiv’s state policy. The heads of state also discussed humanitarian issues related to the situation in Ukraine, according to French Prime Minister Jean Casteux.

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