Ukrainian President Zelensky said I will stay here till the war is won

For the 13th day in a row, Russia and Ukraine have been at odds. Both countries are unwilling to submit to one another. Not only that, but the leaders of both countries are verbally attacking one another. In the midst of this, Russia claims that Ukrainian President Zelensky has fled Kyiv and taken refuge in a bunker. However, Ukrainian President Zelensky has responded with a video that refutes this claim. He stated in this video that he is not hiding in any bunker and that he will stay in Kyiv as long as it is necessary to win this patriotic war.

I’ll be here until the war is over: Zelensky

I’m not going to leave the field, Zelensky said. We’ve always said that Monday is the most difficult day of the week. In our country, there is a war going on. As a result, every day is now Monday for us. He stated that I am present on Kyiv’s Barkova Street. I have no fear of anyone. I’ll stay here until my patriotic war is won.

Zelensky believes that God will never forgive him.

President Zelensky has released a new video in which he declares that God will not forgive. There will be no forgiveness today, tomorrow, or ever, and instead of forgiveness, there will be judgement. The attacker’s bravado sends a strong message to the West that sanctions against Russia are insufficient.

Ukraine reports that a Russian general was killed in Kharkiv.

In the midst of the 13th day of the war, Ukraine has made a major claim. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, a Russian general was killed in Kharkiv. Major General Vitaly Gerasimov has been identified as the assailant. According to reports, this Major General fought for Russia in the battles of Crimea, Chechnya, and Syria. Russia, on the other hand, has yet to comment on this.

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