UP Elections: Defense Minister said – Rahul Gandhi should read history

UP Election: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh speaks at a Gonda election rally. He made a dig at the Congress during this time. He claimed that Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, has not read ancient history. They should at the very least read modern history. He claims that after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, China and Pakistan became friends. They have no idea. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister when Pakistan illegally occupied the Shaksgam valley and handed it over to China. The highway was built in Karakoram, which is now occupied by Pakistan, when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister.

When the CPEC was established, Manmohan Singh was the prime minister, not Modi. When Rahul Gandhi says in the Indian Parliament that a large number of Indian soldiers were martyred while only three or four Chinese soldiers were killed in Galwan, it is heartbreaking. I would have responded as Defense Minister, but the Prime Minister said that the people should speak for themselves. However, we are aware of the truth. Following Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Australian newspapers conducted investigations and reported that 38 to 50 Chinese soldiers were killed in Galvan.

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