Upcoming Facelift Cars Will Do Everything for Everyone With its New Advanced Features and Looks.


Upcoming Facelift Cars: With the beginning of the new year, many great cars are going to be offered in the Indian market. We will also talk about the amazing facelift cars that will be available in the Indian market. In this post, we are going to tell you about the top 5 upcoming facelift cars. One of the best cars will be available in the Indian automobile market in 2024, which is expected to be a great year.

Hyundai Creta Facelift 2024

Upcoming Facelift Cars
Upcoming Facelift Cars

The first name on the list of Upcoming Facelift Cars is Hyundai Creta, which is going to be launched in early 2024 next year. The new generation Hyundai Creta is going to come with great design updates and feature updates compared to the current Creta. There will be a redesigned friend profile on the front as well as a new profile on the back. Apart from this, the car will have a new look and will have high-end features and features including a redesigned dashboard.

This safety feature is also going to be offered with ADAS technology. It is anticipated that the current engine option will remain companion-powered. Its price is also going to be higher than the current model.

Kia Sonet Facelift 2024

The second name of Upcoming Facelift Cars is Kia Sonet Facelift 2024, which is going to be introduced in the Indian market with a new facelift avatar. In the new generation Kia Sonet facelift, we are going to see a newly designed friend profile with LED light DRL at the front, and newly designed alloy wheels with a headlight.

Upcoming Facelift Cars
Kia Sonet Facelift

Apart from this, we are also expecting changes in its cabin, in which it will get a newly designed dashboard layout with central control and a touch facility in many places. A 360-degree camera and ADAS technology can be added to the list of safety features. But no post has come regarding this yet.

The Kia Sonet facelift 2024 is also expected to be powered by the current engine options. It is offered with a 1.00 liter three-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine and 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine and a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine.

It is expected to be introduced sometime in 2024. While its price is also going to be premium compared to the current model.

Mahindra XUV 300 facelift 2024

In the list of upcoming facelift cars, Mahindra’s XUV300, which has received several significant changes and is currently undergoing testing in the Indian market, comes in at number three. ‌ It is also expected to be launched in 2024.

Upcoming Facelift Cars
Mahindra XUV300 facelift

It will be introduced with ADAS technology as a special change. Apart from this, a newly designed dashboard front profile is going to be available at the front and a newly designed profile at the rear also. The engine options will be similar to the SUV XUV300 currently in the market. Whereas its price will also be more premium than the price of the current model.

Mahindra XUV700

Upcoming Facelift Cars

At fourth place in the list of Upcoming Facelift Cars, the name of the best XUV700 comes from Mahindra. This is going to be its first update since its launch, in which the company is going to increase its features. Additional features will result in increased prices.

It is expected that by the end of the year or early 2024, it will be updated with new features for the Indian market. Engine options will remain the same as the existing model.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift 2024

Last among the Upcoming Facelift Cars is the premium hatchback Swift from Maruti, which has been unveiled internationally. And it is going to be launched in the Indian market in 2024.

Upcoming Facelift Cars
Maruti Swift 2024

The new generation Maruti Suzuki Swift is going to get LED headlights and a front profile with a newly designed grille, while the rear profile is also going to be changed. Apart from this, newly designed alloy wheels and new engine options will be available.

Apart from this, we are expected to see many big and special changes in it, from features to features and security features. A 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system is now an option. However, the facelift version will be priced higher than the existing model.

Apart from this, many other upcoming vehicles are going to be introduced in the Indian market with a new facelift avatar in 2024.


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