Why Virat Kohli’s brand value declined

Virat Kohli, the former India cricket captain, has seen his brand value plummet. Kohli’s brand was worth US$ 238 million in 2020. (about Rs 18.03 billion). Last year, it experienced a 22% decrease. Virat’s brand value has dropped to US $ 185.7 million in 2021. (about Rs 14.09 billion). Regardless, he is not only an athlete in India, but also a prominent figure among other celebrities.

Kohli has topped the country in terms of brand value for the fifth year in a row, according to a Duff & Phelps report published by A Crawl Business. Rohit Sharma, Team India’s new full-time captain, is ranked 13th with a brand value of USD 32.2 million (about Rs 2.44 billion). He is preceded by two former Indian veteran players who have retired. Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian batsman, is ranked 11th with a net worth of US$ 47.4 million (about Rs 3.59 billion).

Dhoni gains 69 percent of the vote.

According to the report, former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s brand value in 2021 was USD 61.2 million (roughly Rs 4.63 billion). In comparison to 2020, Dhoni has benefited. Their brand’s worth has increased by 69%. In terms of brand value, he is the fifth most valuable Indian celebrity. Dhoni ranked 11th in 2020, with a brand value of USD 36.3 million (about Rs 2.74 billion).

Sindhu breaks into the top 20.

PV Sindhu, an Indian star, has also cracked the top 20. Sindhu, the Swiss Open champion, is ranked 20th with a net worth of US $ 22 million (about Rs 1.66 billion). As a result, only five of the top twenty are from the sporting world.

What caused Kohli’s brand value to plummet?

Kohli has suffered as a result of three factors. He batted poorly on one of them. Since November 22, 2019, he has not scored a century in international cricket. Another reason is to relinquish the captaincy. Virat Kohli was dropped from the ODI team after giving up the captaincy of the first T20 tournament last year. This had a significant impact on the value of their brand. The third reason is that it has sparked debate. Last year, Virat was involved in a dispute with the BCCI.

Why did the value of Dhoni’s brand rise?

There were rumours that Dhoni would leave the Indian Premier League (IPL) after the 14th season, but this did not happen. Dhoni first made Chennai the champion for the fourth time before becoming a mentor for Team India. Dhoni’s brand value increased significantly as a result of both of these factors.

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