Adhura Review: Rasika Dugal, Ishwak Singh’s Horror Drama Is Binge-Worthy, Filled With Many Chilling Moments


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Adhura Review Ishwak Singh Rasika Dugal

Adhura Review:
Prime Video has recently released the bone-chilling trailer for its first Hindi horror series,

, leaving viewers with a spine-tingling sensation. Ever since then, fans were eagerly awaiting its release and their wait has finally come to an end.

The show features a talented cast including Ishwak Singh, Shrenik Arora, Poojan Chabra, and Rasika Dugal in pivotal roles. Notably, Rasika Dugal, known for her role in Mirzapur, delves into the world of horror and suspense with Adhura.

marks Prime Video’s entry into the Hindi Horror genre which left me intrigued. Well, I’ve finally watched it and I must say that the whole team has done a fabulous job.


Unusual events unfold within the premises of Nilgiri Valley School, seemingly linked to Vedant, a 10-year-old newcomer. As the class of 2007 gathers for a reunion, Adhiraj Jaisingh, a former student, must confront the consequences of his actions from fifteen years ago.

However, the situation takes a horrifying twist when Vedant’s path intersects with Adhiraj’s. A sinister secret emerges, posing a threat to the lives of everyone on the campus.

The story is intriguing and the mystery around the school and characters will surely make you binge-watch it.


is filled with many chilling moments and the performances are among the major highlights of the horror series.

The entire cast has delivered praiseworthy performances. Child artiste Shreik Arora stole the show with his performance as the possessed kid Vendant. Ishwak Singh and Rasika Duggal too have delivered stellar performances. Zoa Morani too made her presence felt.


While Bollywood has lately been ignoring the horror genre,


is a perfectly-made show filled with enough drama, intrigue, and chilling moments with amazing performances. While the horror scenes are decent, the background score is top-notch and makes the scary scenes even better.



is a must-watch and you should definitely watch it.

(The review has been done on the basis of the first two episodes.)

Story first published: Tuesday, July 7, 2023, 0:16 [IST]


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