Blind REVIEW: Sonam Kapoor Makes An Impressive Comeback In This Flat Crime Thriller


Blind Review



Star Cast:
Blind Star cast: Sonam Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Shubham Saraf, Danesh Razvi, Purab Kohli, Lillete Dubey, Javed Khan

Blind Director: Shome Makhija

Blind Review:
Crime-thriller is a popular genre, mostly liked by cinefiles, but it is also a challenging task to create an atmosphere that lets the aficionados be on a knife’s edge. Jio Cinema’s latest release, Blind, seems to have all the right elements but lacks the core engaging aspect that would arouse uneasiness and excitement within you.

Directed by Shome Makhija, Blind is the official Hindi adaptation of the 2011 Korean thriller of the same name. But is it worth spending two hours of your time on? Let’s find out.

Blind: The Plot

Sonam Kapoor not only makes her comeback to films with Blind but also marks her digital debut. Set in Scotland, the film begins with a cop, Gia (Sonam Kapoor), forcibly taking her younger brother back home from a nightclub as he has his exams. But an unfortunate accident occurs, leading to the death of her brother.

The accident also causes Gia to lose her eyesight and eventually her job. A dejected Gia feels a sense of guilt for being responsible for her brother’s death. But one day, while returning home, visually impaired ex-cop Gia encounters a horrifying episode with a cab driver that causes her to believe that he is the serial killer who has been kidnapping young women in the town.

The nameless cab driver (Purab Kohli) appears menacing as a serial killer. Gia, now uses her impairment as a strength and helps Vinay Pathak, a senior cop, nab the driver.

In the course of hunting down the serial killer, Gia meets Nikhil (Shubham Saraf), whose life is at stake as he knows details about the killer. Gia also has a pet dog, Elsa, who is an emotional bond in the story as she remains her companion. Gia turns into a determined investigator, and we see an intense cat-and-mouse race between her and the driver.

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Blind: What works?

The film’s premise doesn’t waste time developing the characters; it begins immediately with action. The characters are accurately portrayed and get the screen time they deserve. It also holds true to the genre and keeps the shades of darkness throughout, maintaining the intensity of the film.

While the sound keeps up with the chasing pace of the film, the editing is crisp and the narration is skillfully done.

Blind: What doesn’t work?

A half-baked plot and a few scenes that feel unnecessarily stretched will make you lose interest. The film is about a serial killer, but there’s little time invested in building the backstory of the psychopath, which is the most important aspect of this genre.

The dialogues try to be funny amid the chaos but don’t land well. It somehow fails to hold your attention or make you experience the anxiousness of a thriller.

Blind: The Performances

But overall, Blind features a few decent performances. Sonam Kapoor makes an impressive comeback, and her character’s cognition towards things happening around her has been well portrayed. She is sharp in her role and has creditably executed her parts. However, she fails to satisfy some of her most vulnerable and weak moments.

Purab Kohli, as the nameless serial killer, is heartless and shines in his role. But feels like his role could have been a bit more clearly defined. Needless to say, Vinay Pathak has justified his character as a cop, holding the plot together. Shubham Saraf, too, has done a good job in the limited screen time he had.

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Blind: The Verdict

The film overall lacks the intensity to keep you on the edge of your seat. The film is narrated only through Gia’s eyes, which leaves the motivation of the serial killer unexplored.

However, If you are someone who likes engaging in a crime thriller that does not have a complicated storyline, then this film is your gateway to a weekend dose of entertainment.


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