Hollywood: Bruce Willis says goodbye to acting career

The family of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis announced on Wednesday that the actor would be retiring from acting due to a medical condition. According to reports in the media, the actor is suffering from aphasia. Willis’ family issued a joint statement on social media announcing his retirement.

“To the wonderful supporters of Bruce, as a family, we would like to share that our beloved Bruce is facing some health issues,” she wrote in a social media post. He has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, according to reports. Their ability to speak, write, and understand language is being harmed by the disease. As a result of this, and after much thought, Bruce has decided to retire from acting.

Our family is going through a difficult time, according to the post. We are grateful for your unwavering love and support. As a family, we are becoming stronger. We understand how much Bruce means to you, as well as how much you all mean to him. Live on, as Bruce always says, and that’s exactly what we intend to do now.

Actor Bruce Willis is said to be suffering from aphasia, according to the report. It is a neurological condition in which a person has difficulty speaking, writing, and comprehending spoken and written words. It is a condition that can take away a person’s ability to communicate.

When it comes to the actor’s career, Willis began his acting career in the 1980s. The actor appeared in films such as The Verdict, Moonlighting, The Boxing, Hostage, Out of Death, and Glass during his long career. In addition, the actor is well-known for his role in the Die Hard franchise.

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