Operation Ganga: So far 3352 Indian have returned from 15 flights

Russia Ukraine News: Kyiv’s occupation war has reached a critical juncture. Outside of Kyiv, Russian military convoys of 64 kilometres are held. Simultaneously, news of the expansion of another military convoy has arrived from the south-east. All of this is occurring at a time when Putin has issued a warning to leave Kyiv or face death. The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has instructed its students in Kharkiv to leave the city as soon as possible. Russia and Ukraine, on the other hand, will meet again this evening.

02-Mar-2022, 07:32 PM

Another plane has arrived in Delhi.

A special plane carrying Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine landed at the airport in Kiev. G. Kishan Reddy, Union Minister, greeted those who arrived in India by plane.

02-Mar-2022, 07:06 PM

This is what the Foreign Ministry had to say about the Modi-Putin talks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting with leaders from many countries, according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi. When such discussions take place, we will inform you. He was responding to a question about whether Prime Minister Modi will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin tonight.

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