Russia to naval exercise with China at Iran’s Chabahar port

In response to the Quad led by the United States, India, Japan, and Australia, Russia has stepped up its preparations in the Indo-Pacific region. Russia and China are discussing a joint naval exercise between the three countries in Iran’s Chabahar port. Russian warships have already arrived in Chabahar, according to the Russian Navy. Because of the port’s importance, India has invested billions of rupees in its development in response to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port.

The strategic importance of Iran’s Chabahar port, which is located in the Gulf of Oman, cannot be overstated. China is constructing a naval fort at Pakistan’s Gwadar port. To address this, India developed the Iranian port of Chabahar, which is located some distance away. China is about to send warships to Chabahar, which could be a major setback for India’s efforts. According to a report published by the South China Morning Post, all three countries exercised on Chabahar in 2019.

A Russian naval force has arrived in Chabahar.

Due to increased pressure from the US and the Quad, Russia, China, and Iran are believed to be working together to conduct naval exercises. Chabahar has been reached by a Russian naval group. A missile cruiser, a massive anti-submarine warfare ship, and a massive sea tanker are among the ships. According to a Russian statement, an official delegation of the Russian Navy will attend the already scheduled conference in Chabahar Port, where naval exercises between Russia, China, and Iran will be discussed.

At Chabahar Port, Russian ships will be loaded with food, fresh water, and fuel. Just before the new year, a fleet of Russian warships left Vladivostak. The Russian war fleet will also visit the Seychelles during this long-distance deployment. Let us remind you that the Chabahar port cost India billions of rupees to construct. India attempted to establish a new route from Pakistan to Afghanistan via Chabahar, which would allow it to gain access to Central Asia.

Ritika Kadiya
Ritika Kadiya
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